Nitric Oxide (NO), A wonderful Molecule

In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to nitric oxide’s scientists.



Nitric Oxide Molecule

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxide Plays a Pivotal Role In Numerous Physiological Reactions


  All physiologic reactions in the body use Nitric Oxide.

  It is a naturally formed molecule that our body produces.

  Nitric Oxide has proven to be effective in:


• Vascular tone and permeability

• Antioxidant

• Neuro transmission

• Immune function

• Antimicrobial

• Angiogenesis

• Modulation of wound healing

• Anti-thrombotic/Pro-thrombotic


The Problem

Nitric Oxide’s Therapeutic Use Has Presented Many Hurdles Due To Its Small Size, Short Half-life (it’s a gas) and Instability.


 In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded Nitric Oxide.

Despite data highlighting its importance and utility in human health, the harnessing of nitric oxide´s therapeutic capabilities has proven elusive.

The Solution

NMB’s Universal Drug Delivery Platform enables the safe and effective therapeutic administration of nitric oxide.

NMB’s Universal Drug Delivery Platform enables the optimum bioavailability and therapeutic effectiveness of nitric oxide.

 Nitric Oxide is biodegradable, and the Universal Drug Delivery Platform utilizes excipients that are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).  There have been no observable side effects in any of the 30-plus animal studies involving Nitric Oxide-releasing nanoparticle delivery.

The capabilities: NanoNOx

NMB Therapeutics continues to uncover better ways to deliver the therapeutic effects of nitric oxide.  Merging expertise and creativity, we’ve developed clinically proven technologies with remarkable results. NMB’s actives delivery platforms are safe, easily scalable, and patent pending.