NanoNOx Advantages


NanoNOx particles are nano size.

NanoNOx particles can be used for aerosol delivery



Due to the NanoNOx particles size and surface, the particles can penetrate through skin pores and biofilms

Nitric Oxide release can be modulated for rapid to sustained delivery


NanoNOx is stable at room temperature and not affected by light


NanoNOx has no toxic issues


NanoNOx is very effective on drug resistant strains


The NanoNOx Benefits

Multiple Modes of Delivery: Topical, IV, Transmucosal, Oral, Aerosol.

Drug(s) of choice can be easily loaded into the delivery platform (hydrophobic, hydrophilic, peptides, antibodies).

Can also be a solution, a cream, a gel, an ointment, and more.

For improved clinical results, degree of skin penetration is tunable, speed of delivery is tunable.

PEGylation allows increased circulation time.

Low manufacturing costs (raw materials are all commercially available in pharmaceutival grade).

Easily scalable.

No known toxicities - All raw materials are GRAS excipients (Generally Recognized As Safe GRAS).

Less than 100 nm particle size.

Nitric Oxide is Very Effective for Vasodilation – NanoNOx enables faster & more efficient drug delivery in dermal applications.