Pulmonary Disorders

The NanoNOx Inhaler Drug Delivery Platform

The NanoNOx Inhaler delivers NanoNOx as an alternative to inhaled nitric oxide gas delivery. NanoNOx offers drug Delivery & Palliative Asthma/COPD Relief, without steroids.

NanoNOx Unique Patentes Inhaler Technology.


NanoNOx can deliver encapsulated NO as an alternative to inhaled NO gas delivery platform – Stand alone or combined with drug.


No heat, No Battery.

Liquid is vaporized into nano scale droplets for inhalation.

Liquid contains NanoNOx alone or NanoNOx with other molecule.

NanoNOx delivers effectively to the bronchial tubes in the upper lobes of the lungs because of much smaller nanoparticles unlike inhalers/nebulizers.

The NanoNOx Solution can deliver NO nanoparticles over 4-12 hours, tunable by application and molecule.

The Markets: The COPD & Asthma $39 B market and $1.243 B drug delivery market 1+2

The NanoNOx Inhaler can treat the following Disorders:

Pulmonary Hypertension

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrom (ARDS)

Pediatric Bronchitis

Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Distress (COPD)

Systic Fibrosis

NanoNOx       Competitors:
Inhalation (Gas, Inhalers, Nebulizers) & NO Macroparticles


NanoNOx’s Advantages: Timed Release, Dosage & Precise Delivery

Advantages of NanoNOx Inhaler


NO Gas Tanks today

1.NO Tank Gas has 30-60 sec half life for

        in situ use


       NanoNOx timed release, up to 12 hours

2.NanoNOx handheld inhaler provides portable flexibility not easily done with tanks


Advantages of NanoNOx Inhaler


Standard Inhalers & Nebulizers

1.Only device to use NO’s vasodilator and anti-inflammatory characteristics to enhance drug absorption

2.Competitors deliver larger macroparticles that do not reach the upper lobes well because of sizes generally are 400-600 nm


Advantages of NanoNOx Nanoparticle


L Arginine, L Citrulline, SNP, SNAP and other NO Macroparticles

1.Other NO macroparticle delivery systems lack ability to cross cell membrane with pure NO

2.Other NOs lack stability

3.Other NOs may lack NO dosage precision and the ability to deliver sufficient NO dosage for efficacy

4.Other NO macroparticles require cascade of reactions before crossing cell membrane with NO

5.NO inducing drugs cause systemic risks